Applying for a TRT License Plate

For those interested in obtaining an NCSU-CVM Turtle Rescue Team (TRT) license plate, now’s the time to fill out your form, and submit payment.  Regular numbered plates will cost $30.00 and vanity plates (up to four characters) are $60.00.  The details and what’s required from you are on the attached form. Each annual registration will generate $10 for the TRT!

Click here to download a printable TRT license plate application: Application -Turtle Rescue Team (1)

Please send the completed application, along with a check payable to NCSU CVM to:   Turtle Rescue Team                                                                                                                                  1060 William Moore Drive                                                                                                               Raleigh, NC 27607

Once we have 300 forms and financial commitments the DOT will make the license plates! Please be advised that this will likely take several months, and perhaps even longer, so your fee may be tied up for some time without a plate being delivered

Here’s a sample of the new plate:

TRT license plate sample