Volunteer with Us!

At  this time, volunteering in our lab is limited to North Carolina State University Veterinary Students and undergraduates.

However, we are always looking for people to foster a turtle (or two!) through their rehabilitation process.  Turtles receiving intensive medical treatment and care stay at our lab during that process.  However, once the treatments are complete, many of the turtles are not completely ready to be released into the wild.  Thus, we try to find foster homes for the turtles during this recovery phase.  By doing so, it not only frees up room in our lab so we can treat more injured and sick turtles, but it also reduces the stress level for the turtle while also receiving more attention and care.

If you are interested in fostering a turtle, please contact the rehab coordinators at turtlerehabcoordinator@gmail.com and indicate where you live, your experience level with turtles, species preference (i.e. any aquatic turtle, only Painted Turtles…etc), and/or any additional information you think we might find useful (i.e. outdoor pond in backyard…etc.)